Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Always Luccon on the bright side of life...

... fine, that rather weak pun may not be the most appropriate title for a blog about a rather high end and gorgeous material, but I couldn't resist.

'Luccon' concrete is a beautiful material manufactured in Austria but used in projects around the world, from Singapore to Australia.  It has all of the structural strength of a typical concrete, but with the added feature of translucency.  This creates some genuinely stunning shapes and the potential for some really interesting sculptural furniture.
I am currently working on a project utilizing this material and my head is spinning with the possibilities.  Integrated seating seems a good fit, but this could equally be an interior wall, kitchen counter, wall art, etc.

People's interaction with walls built in Luccon is a really fun part of any installation; the novelty of casting shadows through solid walls turns erstwhile mature and sensible types into children.
'Tron' anyone?

You can see examples of this here:


Great for style, terrible for hide & seek.


It’s made by layering concrete and fiber optics in such a way to allow light to pass.  Very clever stuff. 

I love the patterns carved into the surface of the concrete, the vibrancy of the light paths and erratic colours.  I'll keep you posted re; the design as it progresses, in the meantime enjoy these shots of previous applications.

What do you think? Love it? Hate it?  I always love to hear 1st impressions. 

Festive cheers to you all,

Marshall Murray