Wednesday, 21 March 2012


'Launch' seems an odd word for the release of a new website out into the big world wide web.  It conjures up nautical images of grandiose ships in dock under bright blue skies, champagne bottles opulently smashing against their hull.  This all seems a very far cry from the late nights I have spent huddled over a flickering screen, checking for defects in the dark and fuelled by coffee.  Still, both have that heady mix of excitement and nerves about setting out on a new journey across unforeseen waters.  I'm tempted to make some nautical puns about pushing 'full steam ahead' or 'choppy waters' etc, but I'll hold off in the interest of good taste.

Yesterday was the first day of Spring, March 20th 2012, a date chosen for its symbolism of fresh starts and optimism about the coming year.  It is that wonderful time when people start to emerge from their winter bolt holes, squinting at the alien sunshine, and begin to consider spending more time in the great outdoors.  Spring is my favourite season, I love the promise it holds and the range of nature's prizes we're given for making it through one more English winter.

Our site has launched with an initial range of furniture and sculpture, though there are a number of designs that we have deliberately held back.  We shall slowly drip feed these out through this blog and our social media sites, seeking feedback and input from you, our loyal readers (well, hopefully one day you'll be loyal readers - I'm aware that this is our first blog entry).

We love feedback, whether regarding the site, our range, our sculptors or our message, so please do get in touch if you'd like to discuss anything with us.  Collaboration is the driver of innovation, nothing gets created in isolation, which is an approach that we apply to everything that we do; from a specific product to our entire way of working.  If you love something we do, tell us.  If you hate something we do, tell us.  Opening a design studio to the online world provides us with an unprecedented opportunity to grow and better ourselves, we want to continually improve and your feedback is an essential part.

For now I'll leave it there and sign off by saying a sincere welcome to this site and blog.  Now, how best to clean the broken shards of champagne bottle off my laptop....?

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